Secret Superstar movie review

Secret Superstar Movie Review – Another Masterpiece by Aamir

Secret Superstar movie review

This Diwali you can celebrate the sweetness of love with your family because Aamir Khan has given us a wonderful movie which is worth watching for us. Secret Superstar has released recently and the movie itself a Diwali gift for us. Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, and Raj Arjun are in pivotal roles while Aamir Khan is in a supporting role.

Aamir Khan in Secret SuperstarSecret Superstar Movie Review

Well, the movie revolving around the life of “Insia” or “Insu” played by Zaira Wasim who wants to become a singer but her cruel father (Raj Arjun) is a bigot Muslim who thinks that a girl has some limitations in the family which has to be followed. While her mother Nazma (Meher Vij) supports her daughter. The movie has a very interesting plot that gives you the emotional attachment to it. Raj Arjun played his character very well while watching the movie you actually like hating him that how can a father be so much vicious towards her wife and daughter? Meher Vij is a helpless and a forlorn wife who sufferance her husband’s cruelty but when the question is about her daughter’s courier she is emotional. Sometimes she sold her only necklace for her daughter’s laptop or sometimes she steals money from her husband’s wallet. Everything is looking like that we are watching a story of a common house.

Secret Superstar ratingsInsia has a very good friend Chintan (Tirth Sharma) who secretly loves her and helps her a lot in pursuing her dreams. The relationship between both the kids gives you the nostalgic moments of your childhood. And here comes a very lunatic and insane character of Shakti Kumar (played by Aamir Khan) which is a singing superstar sensation and is very frustrated from his subside courier. He helps “Insia” to become a singing superstar. Everything is well written by the writers. The story is connecting but in the last half an hour you will feel like it can be short. The music is good and almost every song is sung by Meghna Malik, her voice suits on Zaira’s character. Overall the movie is a must watch for everyone especially for girls and women, because it also shows the battling for the girl child and women empowerment.

Final Verdict – Secret Superstar

We’ll give 4 out of 5 stars.

Jab Harry met sejal movie review

Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review – Just a one time Watch

Jab Harry met sejal movie review

SRK fans expect to do something new and creative. But when SRK tries his best to do something unique, his fans get mixed response, some of them liked his role in the movies like “Fan”& “Swades: We the People”. The same is with “Jab Harry Met Sejal”, directed by Imtiaz Ali who gave hit movies such as Jab We Met, Rockstar, etc. His movies are like a traveling feel, road trip and mixture of songs which are good and also a love story between the unknowns. The movie is likable but mostly to Shah Rukh Khan fans and to a genre of people.


Weak Movie Plot

The title of this movie might be strange, but the story is about the search for Sejal’s (played by Anushka Sharma) engagement ring when she tours Europe and Harry a.k.a. Harinder Singh Nehra- the Tour Guide (played by Shah Rukh Khan) accompanies Sejal to find it and there is a mature, restrained chemistry between SRK and Anushka Sharma shown in this movie. Sejal is engaged to Rupen but actually, ends up falling for Harry. Story and Dialogues by Imtiaz Ali, beautiful foreign locations such as Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Switzerland, and Vienna. You can grab Jab Harry met Sejal movie download links from here. All said and done but Imtiaz Ali movies are all unusual love stories but with a new concept. Jab Harry met Sejal has nothing extraordinary to offer but is not a bad watch either.

SRK Jab Harry met sejal

Rocking Performances

Imtiaz Ali has directed this movie which resembles an early 2000’s Karan Johar film, including songs & romantic dialogues and irritating characters on the horizon. Obviously, Ali combined his two favorite cinematic genres, the road movie, and the romance. The locations (Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, and Frankfurt) are picturesque, of course, and cinematographer KU Mohanan delivers on the visuals. The same cannot be said of Ali’s writing of his characters’ motivations.  What makes this film worth watching is the sheer presence of Shah Rukh and Anushka who are in their top-form with desi Punjabi and Gujarati `impersonations’.

Jab Harry met sejal review

My Final Words about the movie

The only positives in Jab Harry Met Sejal are Hitesh Sonik’s pretty background score and the pizzazz in Pritam’s songs, especially ‘Main Bani Teri Radha’. Right now, Jab Harry met Sejal HD movie download links are available freely on the internet. After a while though, even that is not enough and in fact, it feels like there are just too many numbers packed into the film. Jab Harry Met Sejal is occasionally funny, but not half as funny or cute or ruminative as it clearly thinks it is. Thus overall rating of the movie is 3/5 stars.

jagga jasoos

Jagga Jasoos Portrays the Musical Journey of a Teenage Detective

Finally, after so many hiccups and delays, Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos released today. The much-hyped movie starring ex-couple Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif is a different kind of film. It is an urban film having a musical conversation in the movie.  It is a comedy, adventurous and musical film which is first of its kind in Bollywood. The performances, especially by Ranbir Kapoor, are praiseworthy.

Jagga Jasoos movie review

Movie story

Ranbir Kapoor has been living his life in child day care home waiting for his father to take him back. He even misses hope of him coming back ever but the young detective in him blooms and he goes in search of his missing father. He has several people around him stating his father is dead but he does not believe them. Then starts his search which is joined by Journalists Shruti. The movie has logic behind being musical as Jagga stammers and so he sings for better conversation.

While his search, he gets to know about his father being in Africa and there on he goes to Africa where Shruti and Jagga do street dancing to earn money. You can view mesmerizing African beauty along with the loop of animals with whom they have picturised many sequences.


It is Ranbir Kapoor all the way in the movie. He is the soul and has proved his mettle again. Be it his acting, dancing or any other thing, he shines in each and every frame. Katrina Kaif has fully supported him and we can see Katrina performing some dangerous action and adventurous things.  The movie helmed by director Anurag Basu is a creative and visual imagination. It is him whose image we see on the big screen.  There are almost 20 songs in the movie and each of them is composed and filmed differently.

Although we feel screenplay could have been better and during the interval, the only film takes a firm grip.

Ranbir Kapoor new movie

Final review

The first ever-musical film is kind of an experiment which seems to be successful. Ranbir looks dazed, confused in almost every scene of the 1st half and then he kind of gets his tuning in the 2nd half. Every dialogue is a song in the film as Jagga converse with songs. It is a fresh film and if you do not like the genre you would not like the film. But to get a fresh unique concept mixed with stunning visuals and amazing performances, Jagga Jasoos wins all the way.

Jagga Jasoos movie

Review: – 3.5/5

Pyar Ho Video Song

Pyar Ho HD Video Song Released from Munna Michael Movie

Pyar Ho Video Song

The third song of the movie ‘Munna Michael’ by the name ‘Pyar Ho’ was released this Wednesday. The 3-minute long song sequence is shot at some picturesque locations and the audience gets to see Munna played by Tiger Shroff romancing Dolly played by Nidhi Agarwal. The lyrics of the song are from the pen of Kumaar and the soulful voice of Vishal Mishra and Sunidhi Chauhan add a lot of life to the track. Two more tracks from the movie called ‘Ding Dang’ and ‘Main Hoon’ were released last week and had raised the curiosity of the audience. The song depicts some sizzling chemistry between the lead couple. The masculine body of Tiger and the hotness of Niddhi effectively capture a majority of the screen space.

Watch – Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie

Watch Pyar Ho video song
Watch Pyar Ho video song

Munna Michael Movie New Video Song

The movie is directed by Sabbir Khan and the movie is their third venture together after ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Baaghi’. The trailer of the movie was released on June 5 and the movie is going to hit the theaters on July 21. The movie also features Nawazzudin Siddiqui in one of the major roles. Both Tiger and Nawaz play street cons. Munna aspires to be a famous dancer like MJ and also teaches Mahinder played by Nawaz how to dance. The audience has been anxiously waiting to see Nawaz and Tiger spread some on screen magic together, for the first time.


Watch Pyar Ho HD Video Song below