Secret Superstar movie review

Secret Superstar Movie Review – Another Masterpiece by Aamir

Secret Superstar movie review

This Diwali you can celebrate the sweetness of love with your family because Aamir Khan has given us a wonderful movie which is worth watching for us. Secret Superstar has released recently and the movie itself a Diwali gift for us. Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, and Raj Arjun are in pivotal roles while Aamir Khan is in a supporting role.

Aamir Khan in Secret SuperstarSecret Superstar Movie Review

Well, the movie revolving around the life of “Insia” or “Insu” played by Zaira Wasim who wants to become a singer but her cruel father (Raj Arjun) is a bigot Muslim who thinks that a girl has some limitations in the family which has to be followed. While her mother Nazma (Meher Vij) supports her daughter. The movie has a very interesting plot that gives you the emotional attachment to it. Raj Arjun played his character very well while watching the movie you actually like hating him that how can a father be so much vicious towards her wife and daughter? Meher Vij is a helpless and a forlorn wife who sufferance her husband’s cruelty but when the question is about her daughter’s courier she is emotional. Sometimes she sold her only necklace for her daughter’s laptop or sometimes she steals money from her husband’s wallet. Everything is looking like that we are watching a story of a common house.

Secret Superstar ratingsInsia has a very good friend Chintan (Tirth Sharma) who secretly loves her and helps her a lot in pursuing her dreams. The relationship between both the kids gives you the nostalgic moments of your childhood. And here comes a very lunatic and insane character of Shakti Kumar (played by Aamir Khan) which is a singing superstar sensation and is very frustrated from his subside courier. He helps “Insia” to become a singing superstar. Everything is well written by the writers. The story is connecting but in the last half an hour you will feel like it can be short. The music is good and almost every song is sung by Meghna Malik, her voice suits on Zaira’s character. Overall the movie is a must watch for everyone especially for girls and women, because it also shows the battling for the girl child and women empowerment.

Final Verdict – Secret Superstar

We’ll give 4 out of 5 stars.